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Yeah ‚Ķ its a nice photo though, looks a bit chilly ūüôā

‚ÄčNever the less, I grew up on Nevada, a small 50ha farm in the Nelspruit area in the North Eastern part of South Africa.

‚ÄčFor those who know where the Kruger National Park is, Nelspruit be right beneath it.

‚ÄčThe province Mpumalanga, or as in the old days Eastern Transvaal is laced with rivers and mountains, large trees and a lot of Citrus, Tabacco, Sugar Cane, and cattle farming.

Mountain areas also host a lot of forestry.. I really dont like the way the forestry take over the most beautifull parts of the country and then you as mr public can not visit it at all.

Some more….

We never really went into Farming as a business, but we always had an range of animals and fruit trees for our own personal use.

We occasionally planted crops like corn for feed which normally got raided by the baboons, lol.

We had the most amazing avocado trees, Guava, paw-paw, banana (small           ones called grandmas fingers) dont know who thought of that name but never the less a small sweet banana.

Animals was obviously Chicken, no farm can go without them, pigs, goats and we also had some cattle, but at most i can remeber about 3.

‚ÄčSadly today the small farm has become a Lodge and no farming is done at all.. except for the wild game roaming around.